The Importance of Preventative Care

Our goal at Apex Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is to provide our patients with the most complete model of care they can find. We hope to someday educate people enough to use us as a preventative care approach to their health.

Our perfect patient is the one we can help to prevent problems before they arise. Most people understand the importance of routine dental care to prevent cavities and tooth decay to prolong the life of their teeth. We provide the same things to prolong the life of our patients’ spines and joints. The difference is that we can all get dentures at some point, but we are stuck with the same spines our entire lives.   Most of our patients now have come to us for some type of pain relief, and we have transitioned them down to a preventative phase of care.   We would love to see more people utilize our office to prevent future pain and increase their overall level of health.

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